Would a Wood Fence Suit Your Property Best?

Would a Wood Fence Suit Your Property Best?

Choose a wood, metal or vinyl fence in Highland Village, Hickory Creek, Flower Mound or Lewisville, TX

With so many options, choosing the right fence can be difficult. The team at Anchor Outdoors wants to make sure you get a fence that fits your property and your budget. We'll explain the pros and cons of each choice to help you make an informed decision.

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Anchor Outdoors' fencing guide

We've created the following list of the top pros and cons for each fencing option we offer at Anchor Outdoors.

Pro: Vinyl fences last for decades with very little maintenance. We can install a vinyl fence quickly, without painting or staining.
Con: They're not always as strong as wood. Vinyl fences also tend to cost more up-front, though they're a good long-term investment.

Pro: Wood fences are natural and easy to customize. Wood fence repairs are also simple and relatively inexpensive.
Con: They require ongoing maintenance, such as restaining and annual power washing.

Post and rail
Pro: Post and rail fences are quick and easy to repair. They're a strong and safe way to contain livestock.
Con: These fences have a shorter lifespan than vinyl and may require a mesh addition to keep children and smaller animals safe.

Pro: Chain-link fences require little maintenance and a short installation time. They also offer multiple customization options.
Con: The chain-link appearance isn't suitable for all property types and locations.

Wrought iron
Pro: Wrought iron fences add elegance to any location. They're a good choice for security or decorative purposes.
Con: They require regular maintenance to keep up their classic appearance.

Whether you decide on a metal, wood or vinyl fence, Anchor Outdoors of Highland Village, TX is the company to call for the job.